Hotel rules


  1. The Hotel address is 29A, Kosarev street, Tomsk, Russia, 634034.
  2. The Hotel is intended to be used as a temporary accommodation of Russian and foreign citizens regardless of their registration for no longer than 45 days. Accommodation in excess of this limit can be permitted with the prior approval of the Hotel administration.
  3. Hotel services are provided by OOO “Tomskie Khimicheskie Tekhnologii”, Tax Payer Number 7017006934, Industrial Enterprise Classification Code 701701001, Main State Registration Number 1027000874691. Postal address is 29A, Kosarev street, Tomsk, Russia, 634034. Telephone: +7 (3822) 553-787 (Front desk); 556-098 (Director).
  4. Working hours – twenty-four-hour service.
  5. To check in at the hotel you have to present the following documents:
  • Passport
  • Russian visa
  • Migration card
  1. Check-out time: 12 o’clock (local time).
  2. In case of late check-out extra payment is collected:
  • Check-out before 2 p.m. – free of charge
  • Check-out before midnight – half-night charge
  • Check-out after midnight – full-night charge

Staying at the hotel for less than 24 hours is paid as a full night irrespective of check-in time.

  1. Children under 10 y. o. are accommodated free of charge (set of towels is not provided).
  2. You can book a room if there are rooms available at the Hotel. Bookings are free of charge. In case of a delayed arrival (not more than 24 hours), the payment is collected in full; 24-hour delay cancels reservation.
  3. Resident’s guest (-s) may stay at the hotel until 11 p.m. with the permission of the Front desk staff. To stay at the hotel after 11 p.m. they have to make check in at the Front desk and pay extra according to the price list.
  4. In case of breaching the above regulations, the Hotel Management has the right to refuse further accommodation at the hotel.
  5. To check out the resident has to pay his or her bill in full and hand in the room key at the Front desk.
  6. There is a book of complaints & suggestions at the Front desk. Requests and claims are settled immediately.